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Policy supports the collecting, buying, selling, trading of insect specimens alive or dead as a means of enjoyment, education, scientific understanding, appreciation for the beauty of nature, and for profit - as long as these activities are in compliance with local, federal, and international regulations and as long as such activities do not constitute over-collecting or gross exploitation of the environment.

All specimens advertised on must be legally obtained in their countries of origin. C.I.T.E.S. Appendix I insects are not allowed on this board.

Participants in insect trading on are responsible to inform themselves about and comply with local, federal, and international regulations concerning the wildlife trade.

  • For information on permits for shipping live insects across state lines, see the USDA page.
  • For information on importing/exporting wildlife specimens across the United States border, see the US Fish & Wildlife page.
  • For information on international regulations on endangered and protected species, see the C.I.T.E.S. page.
  • For information on the wildlife and collecting policies of various other countries, see the International page.

Disclaimer: is an Internet service that operates in good faith that participants are responsible and law-abiding. does not endorse nor seeks to facilitate illegal trade in wildlife. However, cannot guarantee the legal compliance, trustworthiness, or legitimacy of the advertisers or the buyers and sellers using our website. Participants engaging in transactions via must do so at their own risk. Participants on agree not to hold the owner of liable for any financial or legal consequences of your trades or transactions.

If you see any legal issue with an ad on, please contact us and we will remove it, and if needed report it to appropriate authorities.

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