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Where are the old Insectnet Classifieds ?
They are now here : 
The old software doesn't work anymore (it has been stopped by its supplier) so the old url doesn't work anymore. 

I had an account in the old classifieds software, should I create a new one ?
Yes you will need to create an account in the new software to be able to post ads on it.

How to register ?
Click on the padlock and then click on "Sign up"
Then fill the different requested information.

How to log in?
Click on the padlock and then enter your username and password.

Is it free to post ads there ?
Yes it is !  :)

In the registration page, what does "Publish email" mean ?
If you tick that box, your email address will be visible to readers.

In the registration page, what is the "individual page" and what should I write in the url box ?
The individual page will be your Seller page displaying all your ads. You should write your username but you can choose another url.

Which kind of insects can I advertise in the Insect Classifieds ? 
All insects that are legal for sale. You have to respect local and international laws.
CITES II species have to be offered with CITES permits. CITES I species are forbidden.

How can I "feature" my items ?
When you post an ad, select the Plan "Featured package". Featured items have a higher visibility and much more visitors than classic ads. 

How long does an ad last ?
Ads are automatically removed after one month.

If I see an illegal item advertised, what should I do ?
Use the "report this item" button to inform our team and report it to apropriate authorities. 
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