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FOR SALE, Scamer warning

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Unfortunately, I have the dubious honor of having to inform you about a scam.

It started with a very normal deal about Pupae with the user 'LisaLuft'.

She accepted the order. As agreed, I have paid a partial amount because of the very high sum for me.
About Western Union.

I expected my delivery.
That did not come.

Instead, I received a message from her husband, Oliver Luft.
Lisa would have had an accident, been in the hospital, and would have died later.
He wanted the rest of me.
I have paid after some discussions.
About World Remit. Then he wanted to send it.
And there would be a tracking number.
I did not receive these.

I waited.
It did not arrive again.

I get an email from Serpenti Express.
Allegedly, a fee would be charged for live animals. I hesitated a long time but paid. 
It was said that I would get the fee back after delivery.
Again, not delivered.

There was still a fee. I refused and demanded my payments back.

I was persuaded by mail and sms, harassed, asked to pay.

when nothing more, the contact broke off and my mails were not responding.

The payments went to Kammaron. Always. No matter what transmission.

Do not do that.

Do not pay via Western Union or World Remit. You can not get your money back and have no protection. It can also be easily picked up by the recipient. even if it means that it would not be possible without id number.

No business with Lisa Luft. Oliver Luft or Terence Che Ngwa (who should be paid)
Be careful with Kammaron ....

I was so stupid to fall for the fraud.
that does not have to happen to you.

Lastly, I was sent another email ... whose screen is in the pictures.
Be careful where you pay and listen to a bad belly sensation.
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