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FOR SALE, Fresh Antheraea polyphemus cocoons

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Please read all the information below so you don’t miss anything!
I have many Antheraea polyphemus caterpillars which have begun to spin cocoons this week (4-Jul-2024). I will begin shipping them as soon as the cocoons are fully dried and safe to ship. As I have a large number of caterpillars (some closer to pupation than others), I may need to delay shipping orders until I have enough cocoons available (could delay shipping a few days).
I will ship cocoons in the order they have been made to ensure safe arrival before hatching. Polyphemus moths are bivoltine (double brooded) in my area, meaning these cocoons will hatch roughly 2-3 weeks after they are made. I will include the date the cocoons were made so you know when to expect hatching. Orders will be fulfilled on a first come, first serve basis.
Description: fresh Antheraea polyphemus cocoons, reared on Silver Maple (Acer saccharinum). Cocoons from 2 different pairings of wild Indiana males and females.
Pricing: $8 USD per cocoon, male and female random mix (I will not be sexing them).
Shipping options: I can only ship within the USA, no exceptions, sorry.
Option 1: USPS Ground Advantage (1st class)= $7
Option 2: USPS Priority Mail=$10
If you do not specify which shipping option you would like, I will ship them using Ground Advantage.
Payment options:  PayPal (friends and family option) or Venmo
Refunds: Not offered except in extraordinary circumstances. Be sure to contact me if you believe a refund is in order.  
Email me before you send any payment to confirm order!
I hope to hear from you soon!
Tim Loeffler
~Lepidoptera Lab
United States
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