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FOR SALE, Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly pupae

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Papilio glaucus --  Eastern Tiger Swallowtail pupae for sale.

Price:  $4.00 each. 

NOTE:  PLEASE ADD $5.00 USPS shipping for your entire order, including any other species I am offering in my other ads (my other ads will all have the same posting date and no photo).   The email address in this ad is my PayPal email address.  Payment by check or money order is also possible for my regular customers.  U.S.A. orders only, please.  Please do not send money until I have confirmed your order. 

The parents of these pupae were wild.  The larvae were sleeve-reared on Wild Black Cherry (Prunus serotina) or Hoptree (Ptelea trifoliata).  These pupae are still in diapause and were overwintered in my unheated garage.  The black form of the female Tiger Swallowtail butterfly is still common in this population, but the proportion of yellow females (that look like the males) seeems to be increasing each year in this area.

It is important to keep the pupae in a moderately humid environment.   If allowed to remain in dry household conditions, the pupae may yield adults with crumpled wings, due to desiccation.  If this butterfly is native to your area, it will emerge in synchrony with the wild population if the pupae are exposed to natural conditions.  If this butterfly is not native to your area, do not release it into the wild.  Provide shade and a steel hardware-cloth cage for protection.   The wild butterflies emerge in May here in Iowa; most of their progeny will emerge in July and early August for a second brood, but some of the first-brood pupae will go into diapause until the following spring.  If the pupae are held at room temperature, the butterflies will begin emerging in approximately two weeks.

Both female and male pupae will be provided for each shipment, in about equal proportions. 

Eggs of this butterfly will be offered in May, and again in July or early August.  Please watch this space for my ads at that time.  This butterfly is easy to rear, especially in sleeves.

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