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ANNOUNCEMENT, Warning:important request

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Good evening,

​​​​​​I am Federico Galli, an Italian boy.
I have tried to write to InsectNet administrator, but maybe he is busy and he hasn't answered to my several emails yet..

The problem is that I want to leave InsectNet Marketplace but I don't know how to do that...

The reasons why I don't want to be part of this network anymore are:

-Because I  had some bad deals with people who claimed to be sellers and who scammed me in the past
-Because I have discovered that this is a network used mainly by American sellers and buyers...and I am Italian
-Because one of the sellers of this network wrote a bad post about me on another market forum some time ago
-Because my want to buy posts and my offers are read by a lot of people...but at the end only one person or noone contacts me...And maybe this is due to the fact that the buyers or sellers don't trust on I had some problems with Facebook Lepidoptera selling groups and forum...

Finally, if anyone could ban and delete definitively both Fra99 (Francesco Montini) and Fede99 (Federico Galli) users I would be very very happy...also because I don't think it is useful for me to stay here!

Thanks and best regards,

 Federico Galli

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