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FOR SALE, Polyommatus weissi: seasonal dimorphism!

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Polyommatus atlanticus weissi: an incredible seasonal dimorphism!
Little known and never offered, the second brood of P. atlanticus weissi is absolutely tiny and beautiful! A real gem! It has been described under the name of aestivalis Tarrier, 2019 (Alexanor, 28 (8), 2018: 657-664)
As it flies in the middle of summer when its habitat is invested by intensive pastoralism, this brood has become very difficult to apprehend. Already the spring generation, with dense (but localized) populations until the 2000s, has become a real rarity now!
This season, I had a little luck and I want you to enjoy!
On the picture. First row: male and female spring brood / Second row: male and female summer brood
Here are my personalized offers:
P. atlanticus weissi seasonal spring brood (Central Middle Atlas,  May 2019)
Male 30 € / female 100 € / trio 135 €
P. atlanticus weissi seasonal summer form (Central Middle Atlas, August 2019)
Male 40 € / female 100 € / trio 145 €
Form rosea with pinkish orange submarginal spots in uph (available in the both broods), male 50 €
All fresh specimens in A1 perfect quality, with full data.
Remember that for a purchase of a minimum of 300 €, you are entitled to 50% discount!
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