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FOR SALE, large amount of butterflies /grasshoppers

Ad type
Hello, I can supply following : 

For sale (or exchange (?))

Agehana elwesi (China)   10 males    most A1  some good A-
Eurytides asius (S. Brasil)  30 males   A1
Eurytides philolaus (Mexico)   40 males A1
Eurytides thyastes (Peru)   10 males A1
Graphium agamemnon (Philippines)    20 pcs A1
Graphium antiphates (Malaysia) 20 males A1
Graphium agetes (Sumatra) 10 males A1
Graphium milon (Sulawesi)   50 males  A1/A-
Losaria coon coon (Java)  5 pairs A1
Papilio mackinnoni (Uganda)  25 males  A1
Papilio helenus hystaspes (Philippines 10 males A1
Papilio lowii f. suffusus (Philippines)  10 females A1/A-
Papilio nireus (R.C.A) 10 males A1
Parides iphidamas (ex pupa) (Costa Rica)  25 males
Parides iphidamas (ex pupa) (Costa Rica)  30 females
Parides aeneas bolivar (Peru)  10 males A1  (look ex pupa !)

Delias apoensis (Philippines) 50 males   A1
Delias levickii (Philippines)  20 males  A1
Delias timorensis moaensis (Leti – indonesia) 10 pairs A1
Delias periboea periboea (Java)  10 males A1
Phoebis agarithe (Mexico)  20 males A1
Archaeoprepona demophon (ex pupa) (Costa Rica)  10 FEMALES  A1
Caligo memnon + perhaps others sp. (ex pupa) (Costa Rica) : 10 pcs (m + f)
Hypollimnas bolina (Philippines)  30 (small) females A1
Morpho phanodemus gahua (Peru)  all BLUE coloured  10 males A1
Morpho helenor ?dufeki (ex pupa Costa Rica) 10 pcs (m +f.) 
Napeocles jucunda (Peru) 50 males A1
Pierella astyoche (Peru)  20 males A1
Polyura cognatus (Sulawesi)  10 males A1
Heliconius petiverana (Mexico)  10 pcs A1
Dryadula phaetusa (Costa Rica)  20 males A1
Araschnia levana prorsa (ex pupa Belgium)  20 pairs A1

Euchloron megaera (Togo)  20 pcs A1

Phymatheus aegrotus (Tanzania) m + f   30 pcs A1/A-
Pterodrosa ocellata (Peru) antennae damage, otherwise good : 10 males

100 butterflies from Bulgaria – at least 40 diff. species, most m + f   all A1
100 butterflies from Togo  at least 50 diff. species   A1/A-
50 butterflies from Mexico all different species A1
50 mix Heliconius : excellent lot almost all different species (C.R., Peru, Ec, Bras, Mex…) A1
25 mix Parides from Peru, C.R., Mexico etc.  all A1  incl. females.
25 mix Saturnidae from Togo  A1/A-/A2  at least 10 different ones.

I know some are quite common and my price will be low.  Make an offer reasonable for you . You do not have to take all - also sold by 10 pcs. each species.  Mixed lots must be sold in total. 
Some are better and often surched for both collectors, decoration...  We just need to agree a price good for both of us. 
The butterflies come from a dealer who stopped his business.  Quality is very good. 
Shipment cost upon destination. 

If any interest in buying (or exchange - offers wellcome !) : contact me :
Dirk Casteleyn, Belgium
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