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EBAY, Graphium policenoides (aka G. nigrescens) old coll

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More new items on Ebay + unsold items from last time, ending next Sunday. I'm parting with some specimens from my personal collection. I'm not a dealer, but a private collector for decades, and I have a lot of older material that is no longer available for various reasons. Now is your chance to obtain very scarce specimens that you may not see again! They are accurately identified with full data. I don't grade them, as you can see the photos for yourself.

See *all* of my listed specimens under my seller name:  foto28

Here is a male Graphium policenoides, also known as Graphium nigrescens: one of the rarest species of African Graphium. It's seldom seen and is missing from most collections. The species' distinguishing characteristic is the small green patch just outside of the hindwing cell. This specimen has some wear and is priced accordingly.

Specimens will be relaxed and papered for shipment, and are shipped within the USA only.
United States
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