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FOR SALE, Antheraea Polyphemus Moth Ova

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  I have some freshly laid Polyphemus ova avilable for anyone interested. My female is 1/4 Pennysilvania and 3/4 Florida stock and she called in a beautiful wild male that is 100% Florida stock. I always use wild males that are called in for breeding as I never inbreed my moths, EVER. I have been selectively breeding my Poly's for the last couple years for color and size and this year I've had some stunning moths eclose. My female has a  6 and 1/2 in. wingspan and the male was roughly the same size although I didn't measure him. As for coloring I can say the resulting moths from these ova will all have stunning color. 
  Ova are $13 for the first dozen and $10 for each additional dozen with shipping at $9, I only ship priority flat rate 2-3 day mail. Please be aware that packages can run a day or 2 longer do to the Covid19 pandemic. I accept payment threw PayPal friends and family or you can choose the pay vendor option and I will add 5% to the total including shipping to cover fees.
If interested please email me with the quantity wanted and your address and we will go from there. Also at this time I can only ship to the USA, thanks and stay safe.
United States
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