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ANNOUNCEMENT, SELLERS BEWARE PayPal chargeback schemes

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Hello, fellow Insectnet Sellers,

There is much information for BUYERS to avoid internet scams, but my experience is that there is very little good, detailed information for VENDORS to avoid scams by purported buyers. And there are new scams all the time.

Recently, I've been targeted by some buyers' scams. These parties contacted me through my InsectNet advertisements.

Following is a link to a very useful article about PayPal charge-back schemes. These scams are nefarious, clever and several go far beyond the Craigs-list style scams that I've also learned to avoid:

Reading the article, I now know the trouble I've avoided.

Don't be a dupe. Dealing with these scammers can ruin your hard-earned reputation for honesty. Even worse, dealing with these scammers can ruin your relations with eBay, Etsy, PayPal and other internet platforms. 

Be safe out there,
Happy New Year!
United States
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