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ANNOUNCEMENT, caterpillar diseases/ now with pictures

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I have come across a breeding issue in several different seasons, many  people read the classifieds, so I thought
I would search for information here as well.
Caterpillars succumbing to a malady which causes them to exude a blackish liquid from the head area, it is very
quick and always fatal. I've had it occur to Hyalophora euryalus and cecropia, using different foods, both outdoors
sleeved and indoors using potted plants. All I can determine is that it seems to appear from nowhere, and can wipe out
all nearby larva, or effect only a few, happening to later instars, the first and second seem to be safe from this, I've lost
3rd, 4th, and 5th instar larva. Not happening every season, I do live on the Oregon coast now, but it has happened to me
in California as well, although it was a  northern coastal location as well.If anyone has any advice concerning  this, I would
be interested. If it happenes again (hopefully not anytime soon) I'll photograph the victim, but if you've had it happen, you'll
know exactly what I've described.
Just recently I have been given a lot of useful information about this topic, and a method of controlling, as well as completly stopping caterpillar pathogens,  useful and seemingly hard won information, anyone interested in this may email me, but simply, using a disinfectant to fog or spray leaves is the short version, "oxine" may be the chemical of choice.
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