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FOR SALE, Utah Leps - Papilio rutulus/zelicaon/indra MORE

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Utah Leps For Sale

I have a variety of specimens available, all from Utah, personally collected by me.  I try my very best to only collect A1 specimens.  Numbers and prices available:

From Cache County, Utah, 2018
Papilio rutulus A1 (males): SOLD OUT
110 P. indra indra A1 (males): $8.95
P. eurymedon A1 (males):  SOLD OUT
5 P. zelicaon A1 (males): $2.95
110 P. multicaudata pusillus A1 (males) $4.95 - some of these have a 4" wingspan and are huge!
Limenitis weidemeyerii A1 (males): SOLD OUT

From Morgan County, Utah 2017/2018
10 Parnassius clodius menetriesi A1 (males): $3.00
30 Hemileuca nuttalli A1 (males): $3.00 - These only emerge every other year in Utah, these were captured in 2017.

Shipping charges are generally between $4-$10 to the U.S.  International shipping varies on location and quantity purchased, please email for details.  All specimens will be shipped papered, with a paper towel wrapped around their abdomen, then placed in cotton lined tupperware containers, then inside bubblewrap/packing peanuts inside a shipping box.  

I will ship internationally, but there are exceptions: I do NOT ship to Russia, Brazil, Italy, Germany or Hungary.  
I accept PayPal and Venmo.  I would prefer a minimum order of $20.  

I am not interested in trades at this time. 
Thank you
United States
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