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EBAY, Attacus atlas, Morpho helenor ABERRATIONS

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Attacus atlas, Morpho helenor and Samia ABERRATION

Dear friends and colleagues,

Time To Breed Ltd continues with the collaboration with cervus2005, long standing specialist in diurnal butterflies. Here we present the third Ebay auction session, including new species and unique specimen for sale. The auction will end on Sunday 2 of August at 17:36, central EU summer time.

In the current auction we offer 4 stunning specimen from a 50pcs Attacus atlas ABERRATION collection that will be sold in the current ebay auction session. Through these specimens is possible to observe the plethora of variations in Attacus atlas wing pattern.

Here we offer part of a 200 pcs Morpho stock from the north western lowland of Costa Rica. During the first months of 2020 cervus2005 personally raised the eggs from some females found in nature. This stock represents a part of the production. As you can see, the butterflies of this stock are very peculiar.

For any information please contact me

Giacomo Viola

United Kingdom
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